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Intercessions/Prayers for Lent and Easter PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 March 2006 16:40

By Chris Chatfield

Praying Hands

Saturday morning, February 4th 2006, saw a group of us coming together at St Paul's with guests from St Barnabas, Sutton for a teach-in by Rev. Tina Turner about Leading Intercessions. Some of us had already performed this role, and we were all keen to learn more about it.

After some excellent ideas about the language to use for intercessions, the form to adopt (including some very creative ideas about presentation), how to employ imagination in writing intercessions and the benefits of silent interludes in presenting them, we were split into two independent groups and invited to write some, one group for the first Sunday in Lent, and the second group for Easter Sunday. We were given twelve minutes to complete them!

Bearing in mind the emphasis that those who lead intercessions are leading the congregation into God's presence, and encouraging everyone to participate in the prayers, we sat down to our task. Luckily we were allowed three minutes extra, as the scribes were not shorthand-qualified, before a representative from each group led us all in final prayers, reading out the intercessions that had just been created.

We present them as written, with their responses, as suggested aids to Lenten observance and Easter celebration.

LENTEN Intercessions

Dear Lord, as we enter this special time of Lent, we ask you to help us face temptation as you did in the wilderness. We ask for your help against greed, war, cruelty and intolerance.

Lord, we give these prayers to you - Please hear us.

Loving Father, we bring before you our community, our children, our elderly people, our sick and bereaved, thinking particularly at this time of . . . . .

Lord, we give these prayers to you - Please hear us.

Help us to use our time and talents for the benefit of others by listening, giving time or money, visiting, comforting others, and using any other talent that we have to offer.

Lord, we give these prayers to you - Please hear us.

Living God, breathe your spirit upon us and surround us with your love, as we remember the words Jesus said: Lord, not our will, but your will be done.

Lord, we give these prayers to you - Please hear us.

EASTER SUNDAY Intercessions

Dear Lord, we thank you for the glories of Easter and for the promise of resurrection on this joyous morning. We thank you for the love that you have shown us in the life of your Son, Jesus Christ, and for the immeasurable gift of your Son. We pray that day by day we may draw closer to him, and be able to extend your love to others.

Your will be done - On earth as in heaven.

Loving Father, we pray for those who are unable to worship in freedom as we are, through persecution in distant hostile lands. We pray also for the missionaries spreading the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and the promise of our Lord’s resurrection in bringing us all to the eternal joys of your heavenly kingdom.

Your will be done - On earth as in heaven.

In compassion we call to mind all who are locked in physical or emotional pain, all who are weighed down with worry, guilt or despair. Restore and refresh them, comfort and free them, and let the light of your resurrection shine upon them.

Your will be done - On earth as in heaven.

We thank you for raising up Jesus – raise us up in newness of life.

Your will be done - On earth as in heaven.

Dear Lord, we thank you for your many gifts to us and we look forward to the time when we are raised up to be with your Son, Jesus Christ, in heaven.

Your will be done - On earth as in heaven.

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